Friends & Family Test

Use this page to present the Friends & Family Test within your surgery, perhaps using a tablet, PC or touch screen for patients to leave their feedback. When ready, enter your organisation's FFT link code below.

Unsure of your organisation's FFT link code? This can be found in the Links & Banners section of your my.wiggly-amps.com account.

To access your my.wiggly-amps.com account click here

Once a patient has left feedback, the screen will go back to the start, ready for the next patient.

Engage Patient Arrivals Touch Screen

Allow patients to easily check in for their appointments on a touch screen while helping your practice to capture QoF data, present the FFT question and more. Click here for more information.

Little Green Button

A software panic button system which can be installed on PCs, Android phones and tablets (with support for Apple devices coming shortly). The Little Green Button is perfectly adapted for staff protection and provides workers with reassurance during face-to-face meetings with the public.

Secure Surgery Website

Manage your own website, now with the Friends and Family Test. Sign up for your free no obligation trial here.